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Remote Roads Pilot Program

How much funding will the Territory see from the Remote Roads Upgrade Pilot Program?

The AANT (Automobile Association of the NT) welcomes the news from the Federal Government of $150m towards remote roads upgrade pilot program.

The pilot program is targeting unsealed roads over 20 km long to make them safer by resurfacing, removing dangerous corners and managing vegetation. This funding specifically targets the high death and injury rates that occur on all rural and remote Australian roads.

However, in the Northern Territory, the risk of serious injury or death is greater than any other State or Territory. The NT’s 2020 fatality rate is 12.6 per 100,000 people, which is three to four times the rate of any other state or territory. 72 % of the NT’s deaths occur on rural roads.

AANT has just closed a survey of Risky Roads in the NT. The survey’s intent is to build an understanding of the NT’s road safety hotspots as the information in the public domain does not provide a clear understanding of our riskiest roads. The results are being collated and will be provided to the NT Government.

The preliminary survey results show that of the 41% of responses from rural and remote areas, 40% were regarding the quality of the road such as slippery surfaces, potholes, cracks and crumbling road edges. Another 37% were concerned with road design issues such as narrow roads, unsealed road shoulders, and poor road and intersection layouts.

“Part of AANT’s mandate is to advocate for road safety, and we believe that people living in rural and remote areas deserve safe roads. The death toll from our rural and remote areas is too high and greater efforts must be made to decrease injuries and deaths on these roads. ” said AANT CEO Anthony Hill.

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