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Reducing road trauma in the next generation of drivers & riders

Scary to think the day a learner driver is awarded their provisional drivers licence, their crash rate increases by 20-30%.   The challenge is how to get to zero.

It is a complex issue to solve, and not one factor or solution will result in significant reduction and achieve zero loss or serious injury of our inexperienced drivers.

Tragically 83 young Territorians aged between 16-25 were killed in road crashes in the past ten years, leaving a devastating long-lasting toll on their families, friends, first responders and the community.


These young people were in the prime of life.  They are our future leaders, and then they are gone in a split second.  We must do better!

The Northern Territory, and more broadly Australia, need to continue to evaluate, improve, and change the outcomes of road crashes. We hear the campaign “enough is enough”. Well, enough is enough. 

It will take strong leadership and commitment from governments, businesses and road users to tackle this problem, which must include…

Governments must ensure we have the best licensing and enforcement practices and that our road maintenance and design meet the highest standards, road safety being the primary focus. 

We must develop & review national and Territory road safety strategies that make real change to the outcomes for road users.

Improve access to safer cars for all Australians, including our most inexperienced drivers. 

We need improved driver education and training and road users to take responsibility for the safety of their passengers, themselves and all road users.

“ Road trauma has a significant impact on our community and everyone’s must take ownership  and take action to reduce road crashes” said Anthony Hill.

“ No longer can we accept that people die on our roads.  Crashes are avoidable. They don’t need to happen.”  He said.

The AANT representing 20,000 territory motorists is bringing Street Smart high to Darwin on 11 May 2021.

AANT’s Street Smart High, supported by the Northern Territory Government and the Motor Accident Compensation Commission, will present the largest road safety event at the Darwin Convention Centre in front of 1200 senior school students.

Street Smart High will become an annual event that aims to demonstrate the devastating reality of road trauma to Northern Territory senior school students.

It provides students the opportunity to learn about driving risks and avoid situations that place themselves and others in danger.

At Street Smart High, students will witness a simulated crash scene, see the pre -and post-crash outcomes, and hear from speakers whose lives have been affected by road trauma.


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