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Incentives required for more electric and fuel-efficient vehicles

AANT is pleased to hear of the Federal Government’s Future Fuels and Vehicles Strategy. The Strategy addresses some of the key infrastructure requirements to address the ‘range anxiety’ that currently affects buyers across Australia, and especially those from the Northern Territory, from purchasing electric vehicles.

While a Tesla would make it from Darwin to Katherine, a lower-priced electric vehicle such as the Nissan Leaf would require a stop at Emerald Springs Roadhouse to recharge. AANT is hoping that the purchase of a range of electric vehicles by Northern Territory Government fleet will help speed up the deployment of fast charging infrastructure.

AANT CEO Anthony Hill stated that “While the strategy is a good start, it doesn’t go far enough to incentivise the purchase of an electric vehicle like electric vehicle strategies do in other countries. It also doesn’t address the emissions that are produced by our fuel-using vehicles. We need a national Vehicle Emissions Standard, like in Europe, that sets a national emissions target and uses market forces to incentivise car brands to import more fuel-efficient cars.”

Fuel-using vehicles are likely to be more typical in the Territory until range, infrastructure and battery-life issues can be addressed. The Federal government must address fuel emissions and give consumers confidence in their vehicles by ensuring real-world emissions testing.


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