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How to: save on fuel

Topping up your tank is an expense you can’t avoid (unless you own an electric vehicle). With rising petrol prices, we’re always looking at ways to save money at the bowser. Here are some handy tips to help ease the pain on your finances.

1. Make small changes

Heavier cars use more fuel. Lighten the load by removing any items that aren’t required for the tasks at hand. And don’t forget to regularly have your car serviced because it can have a huge impact on engine efficiency. Tyres that aren’t inflated properly can add up to five per cent to your fuel bill so keep them pumped up.


2. Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle 

The Green Vehicle Guide ( helps you make a smarter choice when buying a car by providing comprehensive information on the environmental performance of light vehicles sold in Australia. Beyond that, when looking at purchasing a new car, consider the most fuel-efficient vehicle that suits your needs. In the long term, consider transitioning to an electric vehicle.

3. Be gentle

Driving smoothly makes for a more comfortable ride, helps save fuel and is eco-friendly. Accelerate gently when taking off at the lights, and if you’re driving a manual, change gears efficiently. Keeping tyres inflated to the correct pressure and using cruise control where appropriate will improve fuel efficiency. Smooth, unabrupt driving can also potentially save on vehicle wear and subsequent repairs. 

4. Consolidate errands

We all have a lot of things happening in our daily lives, from grocery shopping and running errands to driving the kids to various activities all over town. Combining jobs will help reduce the number of trips you have to make in a day. If you can, try to leave the car at home and enjoy a nice walk or bike ride.

5. Refuel when petrol’s cheap

If you’re happy with the price at the pump, fill up! Wherever possible, make your tank last then refuel when the price cycle bottoms out. Check out the MyFuel NT website ( to find the cheapest petrol prices in the Northern Territory.

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