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How do I know when it’s time for a new battery?

Nothing’s more frustrating than getting stranded with a flat battery, but if you keep an eye out for these early signs of failure, you’ll have time to get a replacement before disaster strikes. 

The most obvious sign your battery’s on its way out is your car taking longer than usual to start. It could either crank over very slowly before sputtering to life or may not start at all until you’ve turned the key multiple times.

If you notice your battery case is swollen or there’s battery acid leaking on or around your battery, it’s time to get a replacement.


It’s also possible that loose battery terminals or corrosion have created an unreliable connection, stopping electricity from the battery reaching the starter motor. Check the tightness of your terminals to be sure.

When your battery’s on death’s door, your car’s electrical components might be affected. If, for example, you notice your headlights are dimmer than usual.  Not to sound ageist, but if your battery has celebrated its third birthday, its days may be numbered.  On average, batteries only last two to five years. We recommend you drive your car at least a couple of times a week to keep the battery ticking over.  These should be longer journeys – not just five-minute trips to the shops.  If your car’s been sitting idle for weeks or months, your battery may be completely drained

Every vehicle is different if your not sure which battery is right for your vehicle check out our Battery Finder.




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