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Road safety is vital to us here at AANT. We want you to stay protected on the roads, and for you to help protect other road users too.

Watch this series of videos from DriveAbout Australia to get great insights into road safety. It’s for drivers of all experience levels and delivered by road safety experts. 

Download DriveAbout from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Learn about how to share the road, driving at night and common rules you might not know about parking.



Sharing the Road with Motorcyclists:

We all need to help protect motorcyclists on the roads. Learn how you can minimise risk and share the road safely.


Sharing the Road with Heavy Vehicles:

As a road user, it’s important to be aware of what to do when you’re sharing the road with a heavy vehicle. Follow these safety tips the next time you spot an oversized vehicle up ahead, or see one coming up in your rear view mirror.


A quick refresher for us all that being distracted, driving on damaged roads:

We all know that distractions and bad road conditions can lead to crashes. Here’s a quick reminder about how you can take care when driving.



There are different parking rules everywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what we can and can’t do. Watch this refresher about common parking rules so that you can stay out of danger and avoid hefty fines!


Night Driving:

Even experienced drivers need to practice extra caution when driving at night. Don’t compromise your safety at night and make sure you follow these important safety tips.


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