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CEO Message- Tiger Brennan Drive Review

It has been a horrific couple of weeks on our roads.  Four fatalities in the Darwin region within two weeks has reminded us all of the tragic consequences that can occur on our roads.

AANT is calling for the NT Government to conduct an independent review into Tiger Brennan Drive, focusing on the Berrimah road intersection.

AANT will support the need for public consultations; many of you are keen to contribute to improvements of safety on our roads, the independent review findings should be made public.

I acknowledge it is early days into the investigation into the multi-car accident last week on Tiger Brennan Drive, and the circumstances and causes will not be known for some time.  However, what we do know is too many accidents, incidents and near misses are occurring at this intersection and its surroundings.

If you would like to provide a written statement to AANT on your views on this intersection, please send to

You, the members of AANT rank road safety as the number one concern on the roads, we will continue on your behalf to support all evidence-based efforts to reduce the rate of incidents and accidents across all regions of the Territory.


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