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Caravanning in Comfort

With international travel off the table for the foreseeable future, more Australians are taking the opportunity to see more of what their own beautiful backyard has to offer, by hitting the road with a caravan in tow.

As restrictions ease in different parts of the country, more people are purchasing caravans and camper trailers with the plan to spend more time travelling to our own tourism areas that have so badly impacted by this year’s events. And with good reason too; what better way to maintain social distancing than by having your own space while on holidays?  Especially if your caravan has ensuite facilities. Limiting the use of shared space can help us all maintain our safety while enjoying a much-needed holiday. Plus more local travel helps other communities and destinations rebuild their local economies quicker.

Whether you are new to caravanning, or an experienced traveller, the secret to having a successful and comfortable caravanning holiday is good preparation. Having the right accessories and parts fitted will help keep you and your vehicle, as well as other travellers, safe and allow you to get yourself out of a lot of unexpected situations should they arise.

Before setting off 

A key part of preparing for your trip is ensuring your caravan’s weight is distributed properly.  A properly loaded caravan will be easier and safer to tow, as it will handle more predictably when steering and braking. A weight distribution system will help ensure your caravan has it’s weight distributed correctly and maintains the right ride height for your vehicle, which will make the vehicle steer, ride and handle as it was made to. It also will help reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your caravan’s, and your vehicle’s, suspension, brakes and tyres. Hayman Reese offer a range of weight distribution systems to suit most caravans and vehicles, from light duty through to heavy duty applications.


Helps keep you out of trouble, but it is just as important to ensure you are protected if the unexpected happens. Reliable communication methods should be top of the list. Some of the most beautiful places in Australia can be a bit lacking when it comes to mobile phone service, as can be the roads to get there. When on the road a UHF radio should be the primary form of staying informed and in touch, keeping you up to date on any important local information. There are a lot of UHF radios on the market so it is important to select the right one for your needs. Antennae choice should also be carefully considered for the type of terrain you are planning to be driving through. Oricom is iconic in the Australian UHF market and offers a range of UHF radios to suit most travelling applications. Australian owned and managed, Oricom UHF radios are designed specifically for Australian conditions and range from compact car units to tough hand-held mobile units. In addition to features like large backlit screens, IP67 rated water and dust proof casings, Oricom brings Australian first technology to the market in the UHF350DR, allowing users to listen to two channels simultaneously, without the need for a second unit. This means you can stay tuned in to your primary channel, without missing any important updates on potential hazards on a local safety channel. A hand-held unit such as the ULTRA550 provides a convenient option for communicating outside of the vehicle, as well as a reliable backup in the event your main radio fails as a result of an incident.

Even better, if you're an AANT member you can save on Hayman Resse weight distribution systems and Oricom UHF radios when you purchase from Repco.

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