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AANT lodges report to ACCC to investigate high fuel prices in NT

AANT reports servos over fuel prices 

The Automobile Association of the Northern Territory has urged the nation’s consumer watchdog to investigate stubbornly high fuel prices at Darwin service stations. The cost of petrol across the nation has dropped dramatically in recent weeks, in part because of a 22 cents a litre cut to the fuel excise tax.
But while motorists in other capital cities, such as Adelaide, are paying only $1.54 a litre for unleaded 91, Territorians are still being slugged up to $1.84 a litre. In Alice Springs, motorists were forking out $1.89 on Thursday. The cost Territorians are paying for petrol is far above what servos are buying fuel at the terminal.
On Thursday, AANT chief executive Anthony Hill said he had reported the issue to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. “I think we’ve given them fair time to exhaust old stocks that they had at the old price,” Mr Hill said.
“And now, since April 6, the terminal gate price has been in the low 150s.” He said the historical fuel margin – or the extra cost service stations add to the price of fuel to cover their business – was “about seven to 10 cents a litre”. “So there’s no reason  why we shouldn’t be seeing prices in the low to mid 160s,” Mr Hill said.
Announcing a halving of the 44 cents a litre fuel excise tax last month, Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg promised the government would scrutinise service stations who failed to pass on the savings to consumers. “The competition watchdog will monitor retailers to make sure these savings are passed on in full,” Mr Frydenberg said.
“This cut in fuel excise, which takes effect from midnight tonight, will flow through to the bowser over the next two weeks,” he said on March 29.
The Treasurer said the cut would save the average family $30 a week over six months. Fuel prices globally hit record highs after Russia invaded Ukraine in February.
It has compounded a serious cost-of-living crisis, with the price of groceries also increasing in recent months.
At the time of the fuel excise tax cut, many major petrol chains promised to pass on the cuts either partially or in full to provide immediate relief at the pump for struggling Australian families.

Article published in the NT News - Friday 22nd April 2022 - Written by Thomas Morgan (PDF)


AANT CEO Anthony Hill also did interviews with other media outlets:

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