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AANT discuss ACCC response on NT fuel stations petrol pricing

AANT CEO Anthony Hill

AANT CEO Anthony Hill spoke to Katie Wolf this morning on the ACCC's response to AANT's report on NT fuel station's petrol pricing.

"Automobile Association of the Northern Territory CEO Anthony Hill comes on to discuss how the corruption commission is dealing with service stations charging excess prices at the fuel pump. Hill says according to the ACCC unleaded and diesel prices dropped between 25 and 30 cents between 29th of March and the 3rd of May - a direct result of the Federal Government's fuel excise cut.

However, Anthony says that when the terminal gate price was sitting around $1.50, ULP fuel prices were still consistently sitting above $1.80. He says he's written to the ACCC about this, and that the organisation has admitted they need to look at fuel price fairness over a longer period, rather than assessing the actions of retailers based on that period following the fuel excise announcement.

Basically, he believes if fuel prices go up as soon as the terminal gate price goes up, it should come back down at the bowser just as quickly and this needs to be monitored."

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