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AANT chats to Mix 104.9

This week, AANT CEO Anthony Hill spoke to MIX104.9’s Katie Wolf on the show about the issue of distracted driving. Anthony and Katie were joined by the officer in charge of Darwin Traffic Operations, John Ginnane. 

Anthony talked about how this dangerous driving habit is a serious problem on Australian roads, even describing it as the new drink driving. 

“Distracted driving is really anything that diverts the drivers attention away from the road, and anyone who’s driving around today will see there’s a fair bit of it going on” said Anthony. 

Distracted driving can happen in a range of ways, such as looking at a phone, checking your GPS, trying to eat food or even being distracted by yelling kids in the back seat. Distracted driving impairs your ability to react to hazards and maintain control of your vehicle. 

AANT are running a Distracted Driving education campaign to help shift cultural attitudes around distracted driving. Anthony joined forces with the CEOs of all the clubs right around Australia with the aim of putting a plan into action to reduce distracted driving. 

Money was poured into distracted driving research to get a deeper understanding of the issue and the behaviour behind it. New research will continue to be undertaken in the future.

“From that research, we’ve now launched a national campaign and also done that locally - it’s really about creating awareness” said Anthony. 

While AANT knows that shifting attitudes is a big part of tackling distracted driving, the best approach is multifaceted. This means a mix of law enforcement strategies, public education campaigns and road safety policies. 

AANT will also be introducing interactive learning on Instagram, so keep and eye out on our page. 

You can listen to the full interview here.

Conversations like this remind us how a moment of doing the wrong thing can have a massive impact, so tune in and play your part in advocating better safety on our roads.

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