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4 reasons why new car owners choose Comprehensive Car Insurance

We invest a lot in our cars.

So, plenty of us are looking for a new car. When we get one, we want to keep that new car feeling for as long as possible.

And that’s where comprehensive car insurance comes in.

Why choose comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive cover means you’re fully covered for accident damage to your car whether you caused the damage or not. It also cover’s damage you cause to other people’s cars or their property.

Four-year new car replacement

Being fully covered is often even more important to new car owners.  New car owners who choose AANT for comprehensive car insurance can choose a Four-Year New Car Replacement option. The new car replacement guarantee means that as long as you own the car from new and you insure it with us within its first two years, you’ll get four years peace of mind with this replacement option.

Something extra

Say your car was stolen, how would you manage without transport? What would you do if you were in an accident and miles away from home? Comprehensive car insurance comes in handy again. It includes up to 14 days of hire car if your car’s stolen1 and emergency accommodation and transport2.

At-fault cover

Like it sounds, at-fault cover is where you cause damage that’s your fault. Not-at-fault is when someone else causes damage to your car. Nearly one in three NT motor claims (31%3) claims were the driver’s fault. AANT comprehensive cover gives you four peace-of-mind years knowing that whether you’re at-fault or not, if your new car’s a write-off, it’ll be replaced with a brand new one4. You’ll just have to pick the colour.

Find out more about comprehensive car insurance with AANT.

1. When your claim is accepted. Covers cost of a hire car up to 14 days or $1,000 whichever comes first.
2. Up to $500 when you're more than 100kms away from home and your vehicle can’t be safely driven because of an incident.
3. 31% of at-fault claims QBE Insurance July 2017-2018 (NT)
4. When your vehicle is no more than four (4) years old from the date of purchase and has been driven less than 100,000kms at the time of total loss.

Insurance is underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 AFSL 239545. Automobile Association of Northern Territory Incorporated ABN 13 431 478 529 AR 433569 is an authorised representative of QBE. This information has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You must decide whether or not it is appropriate, in light of your own circumstances, to act on this advice. You should ensure you obtain and consider the Product Disclosure Statement for the policy before you make any decision to acquire it.

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