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Over 20,000 Territorians enjoy the benefits of AANT membership, including an estimated $500,000 per annum at the bowser. Simply present your AANT/United Fuel Card at Participating Outlets for a 6 cents per litre fuel discount.

How do I get an AANT/United Fuel Card?

It’s easy. Just join the AANT for Roadside Assistance and a raft of fantastic member benefits, including Show Your Card & Save, AANT/United Fuel Card and discount holiday ticketing and travel goods online or in our Darwin store. Simply call (08) 8925 5901. Once you’ve joined, you will receive your AANT Membership Card and your AANT/United Fuel Card in the mail. Simply present your Fuel Discount card next time you purchase fuel at a United petrol station.

Does the fuel discount include Diesel? 

The AANT/United Fuel Discount is available for all fuels – petrol (all grades), diesel and LPG.

Can I use the Fuel Discount for other purchases in the United Store?

Sorry, the Fuel Discount only applies to the purchase of fuel – petrol, diesel and LPG.

How long will the fuel discounts last for?

AANT and United Petroleum have entered into a long term partnership and will continue to offer a 6 cent discount on any fuel purchase in a multi-year agreement.

How do I find participating sites in my area?

All participating sites are listed on the AANT website.

My AANT/United Fuel Card is not working at participating outlets – what do I do?

If you are experiencing any difficulty using your AANT/United Fuel Card at a participating outlet, call the AANT (08) 8925 5901 for assistance or email info@aant.com.au with your member information and a summary of the issues. We will respond the next business day.

What do I do if I lose my AANT/United Fuel Card?

In the event of you losing your Card, simply call the AANT on (08) 8925 5901 and we will arrange for a new card to be issued to you.  Please have your AANT Membership number available.  A new Card will be sent to you within 5-10 business days.

Will the cards work in conjunction with other fuel offers (e.g.supermarket vouchers)?

No, the AANT/United discount does not work in conjunction with other offers and cannot be combined with other discounts from other parties.

I want my whole family to be able to enjoy the United Fuel Discount – how do I make that possible?

AANT offers single billing for family members, with each additional member saving $10 per membership. Add family members by calling AANT (08) 8925 5901.

Can I use this card interstate to get a discount?

No, this discount applies to participating United Fuel outlets in the NT only.

I have a United fuel card, can I use that?

You can use your United card or AANT/United card – not both. The AANT/United Fuel offer cannot be combined with other offers/discounts.

Can commercial AANT customers or fleet vehicles obtain a AANT/United Fuel Card?

No, this available to individual memberships only at this stage. However, we are exploring ways to offer a program to commercial customers.

Can my partner/child/friend use my card? 

Only the AANT member is entitled to access the discount and United Fuel outlets may randomly check identification.

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