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AANT can now offer a complete range of car, four wheel drive, deep cycle and marine batteries.

Extra heavy duty 4WD batteries are available from the latest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) battery types, incorporating calcium constructed positive and negative grids to the very earliest Lead Antimony types. All batteries have convenient carry handles. Some types are maintenance free for the life of the battery, others are maintenance accessible for peace of mind. All AANT branded four wheel drive batteries carry a full 2-year nationwide warranty.

We also offer a complete range of deep cycle batteries. In contrast to the quick surge of power that is required for starting a car, deep cycle batteries are called upon to deliver smaller amounts of current (amps) over long periods of hours or days, rather than seconds. Deep cycle batteries are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of long, deep discharges and long, slow recharges, with glass mat separators and dual fit terminals. Deep cycle batteries are used for:

  • Static power generators
  • UPS systems
  • Communication equipment
  • Work boats
  • Recreational power
  • Electric fences
  • Personal mobility (wheelchairs)
  • Golf carts and buggies, and
  • Other remotely controlled equipment.

AANT also offers a complete range of marine starting and marine cycling batteries for work boats and pleasure craft. All AANT marine batteries are designed with glass mat separators and dual fit terminals. AANT marine cycling batteries carry a 12-month warranty giving ultimate peace of mind for work boat applications, lighting and communication demands.

AANT batteries are available from AANT Battery Stockists in your local area.

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