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Travelling the world by car is an ambition held by many. It gives you the freedom and flexibility to get off the beaten track and deepen your experience of local culture away from better known tourist attractions. If you plan to take your own car, campervan or motor cycle, you will need a Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD), which is a set of vouchers. It allows visitors to temporarily import their vehicles for a limited period of time with a minimum of formalities. Each time you cross a border, customs simply takes a voucher.

The CPD is essential for the temporary importation of vehicles into most countries, with the exception of most of Europe and North America. People taking into these parts of the world are required to sign a personal undertaking that they will re-export the vehicle within a prescribed time limit.

In the Northern Territory, only AANT is authorised to issue CPDs. You must be a member of the AANT to apply. Please read and complete the CPD Information & Application Form and contact AANT for further assistance. With your completed application form you must provide security in one of the following forms:

  • Undertaking of an indemnity executed by an approved financial institution e.g. bank, building society, credit union or insurance company;
  • A cash deposit in the form of a bank cheque; or
  • Pay a premium for a special indemnity insurance policy, available through the AAA.

The amount of security required depends on the countries to be visited and the current market value and type of vehicle being used. The security will be released when the CPD has been discharged by the overseas Customs authorities and has been returned home. The security is generally expressed as a percentage of the current market value of the vehicle, for example:

Japan 100% 100%
Australia 100% 30%
Egypt 200% 150%
New Zealand 50% 25%
Middle East 150% 100%
Iran (Trans Asia) 470% 470%
South Africa 150% 100%
India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka 400% 400%
South America (Trans) 300% 200%
Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia 200% 150%
Trans Africa 200% 150%
Europe 100% 50%
Syria 400% 400%

An application fee is also payable in addition to the amount of security required.

Your vehicle must carry current Australian registration while overseas and have an AUS plate fitted near the rear number plate. The AUS plate comes with the CPD pack.



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