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Roadside Assist

AANT wish to advise members that with the evolving covid situation and high demand for services, that this is having an impact on wait time for roadside assistance which are currently longer than usual. Also, please note that our Patrols will be wearing masks and physically distancing, and we are asking that you always follow the direction of the service provider on attendance.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding during this challenging time.

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Keeping your business moving

Whether your company is big or small, making sure that your vehicles are protected in the event of a breakdown will save you time and hassle. At AANT, we designed Roadside for Business to cover your fleet when you need it. 

There is a range of different benefits to suit the needs of your situation. Here are the most popular business needs . 


Plus and Premium cover provides unlimited call outs, which is ideal for larger fleets and fleets traveling long distances. Standard cover receives a maximum of 8 call-outs in each policy year.  ^

Battery Replacement / Jumpstart

Flat battery? AANT will assess your vehicle’s battery and provide you with a jump-start if necessary. If your battery needs replacing, we offer a free battery delivery and installation service for AANT policy holders.  AANT batteries are available at discount rates.  Find your vehicle battery here.   ^^

Away From Home benefits

There’s nothing worse than having a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, and the Territory has plenty of middle-of-nowhere roads. With Roadside for Business, if you’ve broken down more than 100km from your place of business and we can’t get you mobile, we’ll cover the cost of accommodation for you and up to 4 passengers. ^^^

Emergency benefits: Incorrect fuel or missing keys

So, you’ve accidentally put the wrong fuel in your company’s vehicle or have managed to drop your keys somewhere on the way to your meeting. Human mistakes happen to the best of us! AANT will help you resolve the issue quickie so that you can get back on the road. ^^^^

To find out more about AANT Roadside for Business and Roadside for Taxis and how you can get flexibility for your fleet, get in touch with us.


^^^^ Full terms, conditions, entitlements, and exclusion please refer to the Entitlements booklet.


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