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24-hour Road Assistance


Commercial membership

With your choice of Premium, Plus or Standard cover for each vehicle, fleet roadside assistance protects business vehicles while they are being driven by employees. In the event of a breakdown, we will ensure your business suffers minimal interruption by getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. Commercial members are also eligible for discount AANT batteries and work-related travel goods at our Darwin store. To get a quote, please call the AANT office on 08 8925 5901.

Fleet Tags

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Commercial members receive a fleet tag for each vehicle. In the event of a breakdown, the contact number, policy number and registration are all on one key tag. New tags can be requested at any time at no cost.


Line of white fleet carsCommercial membership offers flexibility. Any driver is covered in any vehicle listed on your policy. Updating the fleet? You are welcome to change vehicles on the account during the policy period at no extra cost.

Choice of Cover

Fleet manager standing in car lot

Commercial members are able to select a different level of cover for each vehicle. Please check towing and call out distances on each policy to ensure the vehicle is covered for all expected travel.

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