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  • Dusty road

    Car maintenance

    Dusty roads can have a major impact on your car. You can lessen repair and fuel expenses by following a regular car maintenance routine. It may seem like a time-consuming chore, but these routine car maintenance tips will save you money in the long run: Check your car’s fluid levels Checking your vehicle’s oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, […]

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  • motormouth logo

    MotorMouth Fuel Prices

    MotorMouth has changed the way people buy petrol. They are proud to have built a database of timely, accurate fuel prices from a team of trusted sources; roaming drivers, major fuel retailers, service station operators, and private companies. In 2015, a major upgrade to the app meant prices could be added by those who are […]

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  • Hands on steering wheel

    NT Fuel Prices

    Hot on the tail of news that Darwin had the cheapest petrol in Australia yesterday (June 15, 2016) it’s interesting to have a look at fuel prices in the Territory compared to this time last year. Based on AAA data (Copyright© FuelTrac Pty Ltd) in April 2015 Darwin averaged 136 cents per litre at the […]

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  • AANT Batteries

    AANT Battery FAQs

    Q: How long will my AANT battery last? A: How long a battery lasts depends on: Proper installation The climate in which the car operates How often the car is used How regularly the battery and car are maintained. All AANT batteries are guaranteed for the term of the warranty providing you properly maintain your […]

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  • KAM Blog feature image 400x300

    Keep Australia moving

    AANT is committed to safer road for all Territorians. The state of our roads and our lack of public transport options is costing all of us money. Lots of money in fact. More than our country can afford. The mining boom is over and Australia has no choice but to modernise its economy. But new ideas […]

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  • Man with head in hands, crashed car in background

    Flipped out

    A total of 2524 people were involved in motor vehicle accidents in the NT between January 1996 and December 1997, with 1519 (60%) suffering injury or death. The resulting incidence of hospitalisation was 240.6 per 100 000 NT population per year (not all injured people were admitted), with a fatality rate of 36.5 per 100 […]

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  • Fuel quality

    CO2 Emissions Update

    The good news is that, according to the Department of the Environment, Australia’s annual emissions for 2014-15 have fallen to 1.9 per cent below 2000 levels and 10.2 per cent below 2005 levels. In 2014-15, emissions per capita and the emissions intensity of the economy, including the land sector, were both at their lowest levels in […]

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  • Obtain C Class Licence 140530DoT-13

    Advice for P-platers

    Young people are 30 times more likely to crash when they start driving on their P-Plates (Source: www.saferpplaters.com.au). While hoon drivers are often blamed for these alarming statistics, the cause is more often a combination of driver inexperience, dangerous road conditions and old, unreliable cars. To avoid being stranded or worse, AANT has some simple […]

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  • graph

    Slow Down

    Speed is a major contributing factor to road fatalities and serious injuries in the Territory. Police have indicated that high vehicle speeds were a direct contributor to around 20% of the fatalities on our roads over the past 10 years. Speeding reduces your reaction time to emergencies on the road, such as animals or children […]

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  • greenvehicleguide

    Buy a Greener Car

    When purchasing a new vehicle it is important to consider the impact it will have on the environment. The main greenhouse gas emitted by motor vehicles is carbon dioxide (CO2). The level of CO2 emissions is linked to the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle, and the type of fuel used. All new vehicles, including electric and […]

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  • golf clubs

    Eco-friendly Driving

    Vehicles have the lowest fuel-efficiency and pollute the most at the beginning of a journey, so avoid lots of short trips. You will save time, fuel – and sanity – by doing a number of things in the one trip. Driving technique The key to remember is the better your fuel economy, the less fuel you […]

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  • Workman changing speed limit from open to 130

    10-year Crash Data

    AANT continues to advocate for safety on Northern Territory roads. Road fatalities in the NT are highly variable and unpredictable. The Department of Transport advises that trend data provides a truer representation of road fatalities and serious injuries in the Northern Territory than annual comparisons. In 2015 there were 49 road fatalities. This compares to 39 […]

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