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In 2008, the ACCC reported that car jack were responsible for over half of the deaths caused by vehicle related products and 40% of all deaths caused by product failures. The report stated that in the last 7 years, 29 deaths in Australia were attributed to the failure or incorrect use of car jacks. Don’t become a statistic. If you need to change a tyre, follow these 7 simple rules and stay safe.

  1. Car jacks are made for one function only and that is to lift the car high enough to remove the wheel with a flat tyre and replace it with your spare.
  2. Car jacks are NOT designed to be stable or strong enough to support a car while it is being worked on. DO NOT get under a car while it’s jacked up.
  3. Check your user manual before using the jack for the first time.
  4. Make sure you have everything you need to change a tyre, including the jack, wrench and (inflated) spare wheel.
  5. Check the jack is not damaged or rusted.
  6. Practice using the jack before you need it – it’s best not to find out on a rainy night. It is recommended that you jack your car on a firm and level surface with the handbrake on and wheels chocked to stop it rolling.
  7. Most car jacks are designed specifically for the vehicle with dedicated jacking and connection points. Never use your car jack on another type of vehicle, trailer or caravan.

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