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It’s a terrible feeling to discover that your car has been broken into, dealing with the damage to your vehicle and the impacts of stolen property and invasion of privacy. You need to keep a cool head and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Call the Police and report the crime. Call 000 if anyone is injured or if the situation is risky.
  2. Call TIO 1300 301 833 to discuss making a claim and repairing the damage. 
  3. If any credit cards, bank cards or important financial information is missing, call your bank immediately to cancel these cards.

If you want to deter thieves from targeting your car then you should consider an alarm. A basic car alarm can cost less than $400 installed. An attempt to break into the car will activate a siren, but you need to be able to hear it and respond yourself. These days people tend not to take much notice of shrieking car alarms. Some alarms have ear piercing sirens inside the car that make it very uncomfortable for a thief to stay in the car.

If your car is stolen, then follow the same 3 steps to report the crime and limit the impact of the theft will have on your life. For people with GPS and smartphone technology, DO NOT try and find your vehicle on your own. Report its location to the police and let them deal with it. 

To avoid having your car stolen, a good immobiliser can be purchased for less than $200. It should disable at least 2 of the vehicle’s 3 essential starting systems: fuel, ignition or starter motor. These units will not stop thieves from entering your car but will make it harder for them to drive it away.

Alternatively, a basic steering lock costs as little as $40.

If your vehicle has been damaged, choose a vehicle repairer from this list of AANT Approved Repairers 


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