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AANT Sponsorship

AANT Sponsorship Policy 

To ensure that applications for sponsorship are treated equally, only those submissions that meet the following criteria will be considered:

  • The proposal is from a genuine, not-for-profit organisation, parent body or State association rather than an individual club, team or single person.
  • It is preferable if there is a clear link between the activities, products or services of the AANT and the organisation seeking sponsorship (eg motor vehicles, house/car insurance, touring/travel, road safety, environment etc).
  • The organisation/event supports the values and philosophies of the AANT and is in line with the Association’s current marketing and/or corporate planning objectives.
  • The project delivers, or has the potential to deliver, benefit to AANT members.
  • There is the opportunity for a high degree of visibility within the local or wider community providing positive exposure for the AANT and/or its products and services.
  • The project is a viable proposition and has a high degree of merit with the potential to deliver valued results to the community.
  • The AANT would receive measurable benefit as a direct result of the sponsorship.

The AANT will NOT sponsor:

  • Activities that simply promote the sponsored organisation’s existing goals or are designed to attract more people to the sponsored organisation.
  • Bodies that cannot, if requested, provide satisfactory details on the financial or other aspects of the program including benefits that will accrue to the AANT from its participation in the sponsorship.
  • Projects where the AANT’s competitors also have a role.
  • Any event involving a conflict with AANT public policy.
  • A proposal that conflicts with any existing relationships.
  • Sponsorship proposals from organisations or for activities that are considered discriminatory.
  • The event or activity contravenes existing AANT policy positions or is considered to pose a potential legal, ethical or environmental risk.
  • A political party or any organisation associated with a political party.
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