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AANT Member Reports

Member reports 

AANT Member Reports are released each December and printed in the ntmotor. The Report gives members and the wider public a better understanding of AANT activities.

 Year  Members’ & Financial Report
 2015-2016  View Report (5.3 mb)
 2014-2015  View Report (0.1 MB)
 2013-2014  View Report (0.3 MB)
 2012-2013  View Report (0.3 MB)
 2011-2012  View Report (0.3 MB)
 2010-2011  View Report (0.4 MB)
 2009-2010  View Report (0.3 MB)
 2008-2009  View Report (0.3 MB)
 2007-2008  View Report (0.2 MB)

Having trouble viewing the reports?

Reading an annual report can be a daunting prospect if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for and where to find it. AANT reports are standardized around three key parts, making it easy to review our performance. Each report contains:
  • AANT President’s Report

This is where we tell you what a great job we did during the preceding year, any problems we faced, and our goals and strategies for the future.

  • Independent Auditor’s Report.

AANT’s financial statements are reviewed and independently audited for accuracy by a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The Report includes the opinion of the independent auditor, including any qualifications about the financial statements.

  • 2-Year Financial Statement

This is where AANT presents its financial performance data for all to see. It’s a terrific place to look for trends in growth (or non-growth) of revenues and profit and other leading indicators of the organisation’s financial success.

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