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AANT continues to advocate for safety on Northern Territory roads. Road fatalities in the NT are highly variable and unpredictable. The Department of Transport advises that trend data provides a truer representation of road fatalities and serious injuries in the Northern Territory than annual comparisons. In 2015 there were 49 road fatalities. This compares to 39 in 2014. The 10-year average is 47.5 people killed every year – almost one person per week.

Over the last 10 years (2006-2015) 475 people have died and 5392 have been seriously injured on Territory roads. That’s an average of 47.5 people killed each year. Of 475 deaths, 321 (67.57%) were occupants of vehicles, 101 (21.26%) were pedestrians, 49 (10.31%) were motorcyclists and 4 (0.84%) were cyclists. Safety is clearly an important issue.

Of the 475 road fatalities, 402 (84.63%) were Territory residents and 73 (15.36%) were visitors from interstate or overseas. Sadly, men continue to be over represented in our road toll, accounting for 338 (71.15%) of all fatalities in the last 10 years. Similarly, Indigenous fatalities were proportionally high. While making up 30% of the NT population, Indigenous fatalities were 240 (50.52%). Young people under 25 years made up 137 (28.84%) of fatalities.

Looking at some of the causes of fatal crashes, 189 (39.78%) were alcohol related, 133 (41.43%) of the 321 vehicle occupants killed were not wearing a seat belt, 118 (24.84%) were known to be speed related and 27 (5.68%) were known to be fatigue related.

Of all fatal crashes, 336 (70.73%) occurred in rural areas, with 200 (48%) either single vehicle run off road or overturned, and 98 (23%) were hit pedestrian crashes.

Source: 2015 Crash Summary and 10 year trends. More info at NT Road Toll Statistics.

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